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 “Collaboration with New Edulight has been a most empowering experience. It has enabled us to positively impact our student’s educational learning experience during the last fifteen years. Their expertise has allowed us to amplify, renew, reflect upon, innovate, and enlighten our teacher’s performance to develop proficient and confident readers. New Edulight has efficiently helped us to provide fascinating products and services, such as constant training and feedback, virtual events, and summer conferences, with phenomenal results; their staff has always considered our needs by being empathic and supportive in all senses. We are extremely grateful for unlocking tremendous potential in the science of teaching reading.”  We are forever thankful and proud to be working with such professionals!


Our partnership with New Edulight has been absolutely close ever since we started using their educational resources at our school. Their timely responses to our needs makes it the best company we have worked with. Thanks New Edulight for being our partner in education. 


The learning experience with the programs provided by New Edulight has been amazing! They have provided teachers with a variety of activities to boost students' knowledge and develop the abilities they need to improve on Literacy skills.

NEXUS – Alicia Martinez

Two years ago we started working with New Eddulight to be able to advance in the skills that our students needed. From the beginning, it was very enriching to make the diagnosis, and later on the support we had from New Edulight for the implementation of SIPPS was essential. Gilma Maldonado's guide has been crucial in (SIPPS) being fully accepted by the teachers and thus achieve our objectives. This school year, we continue with the implementation of SIPPS and we always follow all the recommendations that New Edulight makes us. It has been a great experience working with them.


Working with New Edulight has been a positive experience; they are very supportive and are always innovating in the field of collaborative learning and the development of life skills, critical thinking skills and social emotional wellbeing in our students.

COLEGIO ATID – Alexia Quiroga

It is a pleasure to work with New Edulight. Your courses are innovative, practical and easy for my students to assimilate in order to learn the English language at a young age. The customer service I have received has been excellent. Your staff has been thoughtful and they care about personalizing the program to meet our needs. 


Working with Pera and all of the New Edulight team has always been a pleasure. You just have to contact them to get solutions, ideas, resources, and support. Thank you for your help and hard work!

COLEGIO ATID – Vivian Orihuela

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