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In 2008 Esperanza Noriega, founder of New Edulight, together with a group of consultants, set out to create an organization that would offer educators in Mexico and Latin America the inspiration and means to grow as professionals in their language teaching capacities. Firmly believing in the lifelong impact that teachers can have in the lives of their students, the new organization began defining its mission and vision while at the same time looking for the products and professional development opportunities that would align with its ideals.



At New Edulight, we are dedicated to the advancement of bilingual education in Latin America, promoting English language teaching and learning through the use of best practices. Our language learning philosophy incorporates the integration of the four language domains within higher levels of literacy, emphasizing critical thinking, multicultural perspectives and humanistic values.  


The end goal is for students to be thoughtful language learners, readers and writers who become compassionate global citizens.

Since opening our doors in 2008, New Edulight has supported a large number of schools in advancing their vision of language learning for the benefit of their students. Our hope is that by promoting this type of education and helping leaders and teachers to implement it, we may contribute to a more harmonious global community.

We are grateful to all partners, schools, publishers and other organizations for their invaluable contributions in helping us reach our goals.

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