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Esperanza R. de Noriega began her career as a kindergarten and elementary school teacher in 1973, later becoming involved in teacher training, giving seminars on adaptation of first language books to ESL programs.

At the middle school levels, she has worked with literature, writing, and world history programs and has prepared students for the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).

From 1973 to 1990 she was director of the English Department and curriculum coordinator at Centro Escolar Patria A.C. in the State of Mexico. During 1985 she served as general director at the same institution.

Since 1988, Mrs Noriega has been a guest speaker at regional and national conferences such as Mextesol and ADEMI giving workshops dealing with the teaching of literature and writing in the second language context.

Her experience in the publishing field began in 1988 when she started working as educational consultant for Scott Foresman Company (later Harper Collins), where she gave inservices and presentations for ESL, as well as, first language programs from kindergarten to secondary levels throughout Mexico. While at Harper Collins, Mrs Noriega co-organized and participated as instructor in the teacher training course “Teaching English to Young Children”, given in conjunction with the Universidad Iberoamericana.

In 1991 she began working as educational consultant and later sales representative for Houghton Mifflin Company. As such, she has given presentations and seminars throughout Mexico, United States and Puerto Rico specializing in topics dealing with the modernization of education and the evolution of ELT. In 2001 she was promoted to Sales Manager for K to 12 products in Mexico, and in 2003 her territory was extended to include Central and South America, with the added responsibility of managing the Houghton Mifflin College and Trade products in Latin America.

Mrs. Noriega is the founder and General Director of New Edulight, which specializes in bringing to Mexico and Latin America new programs, and professional development.  In this capacity, she oversees, publishers’ relationships, products, sales, marketing and professional development. She is committted to spreading the mission and vision of the organization regarding thoughtful language learning and developing SS as compassionate global citizens.

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Gilma Maldonado, holds a BA in Psychology; she has worked as a consultant in a Human Resources business where she became familiar with recruitment and hiring procedures.  While in that position, she acquired experience in training new employees, psychometric evaluation and job descriptions.


In 2005, Gilma began her educational career as a 2º grade English teacher in an International Baccalaureate School in Monterrey.


After a year and a half, she was promoted to Primary English Coordinator and IB PYP (Primary Year Program) Coordinator. Her responsibilities included organizing and overseeing the second language academic program development, monitoring students’ progress according to the objectives, as well as evaluating teacher performance. 


Gilma supported teachers with their IB understanding and the Program of Inquiry. She was a member of the new staff-training group, helping teachers with PYP issues, their professional growth, and planning.


As a PYP Coordinator, she was invited to be part of the IB Academy, an educator’s network, where she received training to become a consultant. This training included, providing support and mentoring to candidate schools as well as program verification and evaluation school visits, representing the IB. Additionally, she facilitated professional development workshops as a subject/program expert.


In 2018, Gilma began working as an Educational Consultant for New Edulight, later becoming a partner in the organization. She is responsible for teacher training and coaching the supervisors in successfully implementing the programs they adopt. Gilma uses her vast experience and commitment to facilitate and support the professional development of teachers and leaders of the schools in the New Edulight community.

Miriam Aguilar is a professional dancer and public relations specialist. Miriam  started her professional  career  in publishing in the 1980’s.


She has worked for several publishing companies such as Longman, Oxford, Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd and Richmond. Miriam has also worked with major distributors in Mexico including  Delti, DABSA and Edimsa. During this time, she received ample training in the sales and marketing aspects of the publishing industry.


Throughout her career, she has participated in several national and international conventions for ELT and L1.


Miriam´s profesional training and commitment have equipped her with outstanding customer service skills, and a unique disposition to provide her clients with the ideal solution for their curriculum needs.


Currently, Miriam is the Sales/Operations Manager  and partner at New Edulight. In this position, she supports our customers with curriculum recommendations, quotations, ordering, importation and deliveries, making certain that they receive the best care, thus guaranteeing their complete satisfaction.

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